Member Welfare

The Bangladesh Solar & Renewable Energy Association (BSREA) plays a pivotal role in the advancement of clean energy within Bangladesh. Its activities encompass a broad spectrum aimed at fostering the growth and adoption of clean energy and energy efficient technologies across the nation. Here’s a summary of what we do:

Advocacy and Policy Influence: BSREA advocates for favourable clean energy policies, regulations, and frameworks that encourage investment and growth in the sector. It works closely with governmental bodies, influencing policy decisions to support renewable energy development and integration.

Stakeholder Engagement: We facilitate dialogue among various stakeholders, including government agencies, private sector participants, and civil society, to improve communication, raise awareness, and promote the use of clean energy.

Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies: BSREA actively promotes the adoption of various clean energy and energy efficient technologies, such as solar power (including utility-scale solar farms, rooftop solar installations, and solar pumps for irrigation and safe drinking water), wind energy, bio-gas energy, and other clean energy solutions.

Capacity Building and Education: The association is involved in educational initiatives and capacity-building programs aimed at increasing knowledge, skills and expertise in clean energy and energy efficient technologies among professionals, policymakers, and the general public.

Investment and Financial Support Facilitation: BSREA works to attract new investments, both local and foreign, into the clean energy sector. It also seeks to improve access to low-cost financing for clean energy projects to ensure their viability and sustainability.

Innovation and Technology Promotion: The association supports research, development, and dissemination of innovative clean energy technologies and practices, tailored to meet the unique energy needs and challenges of Bangladesh.

Public Engagement and Awareness: Through various campaigns, workshops, and seminars, BSREA raises public awareness about the benefits of clean energy, advocating for its increased adoption across different sectors of the economy.

By undertaking these activities, BSREA aims to play a central role in transforming Bangladesh’s energy mix, contributing to a future where clean, affordable, and reliable energy is accessible to everyone in the country.


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